Hermes A’ propos de bottes silk scarf 1962 by Xavier de Poret


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The Hermes scarf is not simply a square of silk, it is a style icon worn, converted and collected by many which makes it more than just a fashion accessory. What began in 1937 has grown to a  sumptuous selection of more than two thousand different designs with the A’ Propos de bottes scarf becoming part of the history in 1962 designed by Xavier de Poret. This scarf was purchased by its owner in the 1960s and worn with love, it is a large detailed silk depicting ridding boots and crops in shades of grey with some pale red and yellow shading. This can be worn everyday or for special occasions and can be simply draped over the shoulders or wrapped at the neck.

Measurements: This is approx 36inch square.

Condition:  This is in good vintage condition with a few faint marks, see pics. This does not come boxed.

In stock


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