Vivienne Westwood autographed Bracher Emden London bag

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Stunning little black Bracher Emden bag with crystallised Swarovski detail, black lace up tie edging detail and black gems and chunky hardware. This has a single adjustable handle that is attached with chunky gold hardware. On its own this is a beautie but what makes this extra special is the Vivienne Westwood autograph to the inside of the main magnetic flap closure. This was autographed at a lace exhibition and the program for this is included with the purchase as part of the providence.



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Condition: this has been used but has no damage to the body of the bag just a little creasing and fraying at handle edges, see pics

Size: this is really for collectors with the autograph but a good size for evenings out, check approx measurements

Length: 9.5 inch
Hight: 5 inch
Depth: 2-3 inch
Handle Hight: 8.5 at longest


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