Encore Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions last updated: November 2022


We welcome items for sale during opening hours but it is important to make an appointment if you have more than a couple of items, we can be busy so please be sure you have time to talk through your items as it is important for everyone’s peace of mind that the condition and number of items left are clearly recorded. A copy of the records are supplied to customers, please ensure these are filled in to your satisfaction. The collection date for unsold items and /or fund collection will be recorded on a follow up email.

Items are given coverage through the shop and our online website* to maximise exposure, once sold you will receive from 50% to 80%** of the final sale price less any fees*** if sold online. Please be aware that items go into the shop as and when space or item type dictates so don’t expect to see your items available instantly.

Some high end items may also be sold through individually chosen web sites (third party) which may incur additional costs through fees***, these costs will be deducted from your final sale price.

Items may also be offered through local vintage and designer fairs and trade shows which will include movement of items through transport to such events.

Although every effort is made to safeguard your items whilst on the premises or at events Encore Clothing Agency cannot be held responsible for theft or damage of individual items, in leaving items you show that these terms and conditions have been fully read and understood.

SALE: All items will be offered under sale terms once nearing the end of the season they are placed with us. This will mean a lower price can be expected and items will be sold under our discretion.

Collection: Please be aware that all items and funds will need collecting within the week date given, an email and or phone contact will be made to remind customers of collection weeks. If this is not possible you must contact as soon as you can otherwise items will be disposed of under our discretion if not collected in that time span. Following, recorded, attempts to contact customers regarding any funds owed will be made, these will subsequently be held for 3 months only, then disposed of as above.



All items bought through the retail premises are sold as seen, items may have areas of wear and tear due to the nature of the pre-owned premise. Buyers are encouraged to inspect all items carefully before purchasing as no returns are accepted on items purchased in Encore due to the nature of the business.

Buying on-line:

As above all items sold through our website may have some wear and tear due to the nature of the pre-owned premise, this is more prevalent with vintage items but all will be clearly highlighted within any listing. Please ask for more information and pictures on items if you are unsure of condition before purchasing. Items are listed or shown in different areas of the company so can quickly become unavailable so maybe withdrawn even after a sale has been processed.

Under the Sale of Goods Act all goods must:

• Match their description

• Be of satisfactory quality

• Be fit for purpose.

Postage and returns policy:

Postage is detailed in each listing, for all areas recorded delivery postage is used to ensure security on delivery. We are happy to accept returns for any reason within 10-14 days however we must be notified by email of any issues within 3 days of receiving the item/s. Please be aware postage cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

On the safe return of item/s (as sent), a refund will be provided, minus any postage fees, to the same funding method used to purchase the item/s within 14 days.

On a withdrawn sale by Encore (due to earlier sale), a full refund will be provided, (including postage) immediately to the method used to purchase the item/s.

Withdrawing from sales:

Once items have been dispatched you are unable to withdraw from the sale and will need to go through the return policy. Non collection/ signature of an item does not substitute as a return and a refund will not be automatically given.

We hold the right to withdraw from any sale of item/s where:

  • Fraud maybe expected.
  • Items may have already been sold as these are listed/ shown in different trading areas.
  • If the item is to be sent to an unsecured address, (not as recorded/ paypal/ credit card).
  • Previous customers have returned damaged items.

*Please note  every effort will be made to include items on our web site but this may not always be possible or items may not be suitable for the site.

**Percentage fees differ depending on the item and sale price, this percentage change is under the discussion of Encore and will be discussed with individual customers.

***Fees include any funds taken from the sale or listing of items through the website or third party sites, you may incur fees without the sale of an item.